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Our Architectural Tile elements artistically anchor your tile installation into your home, working stylistically to merge and blend the two. Most pieces are available in Terra Cotta, Smoked, Colored Quarry Tile, and Glazed. Some are available as unique hand-painted pieces, a truly beautiful addition.

1/4 Round


El Cove

(1 3/4x6)

Medium Cove

(1 1/2x6)

Large Cove

(2 3/4x6)

Cove Base


Edge Cap

(6x6x1 1/2)

Edge Cap

(4x6x1 1/2)



Small Corner Cap
(2x2x1 1/2)

Medium Corner Cap
(4x4x1 1/2)

Chair Rail

(2 7/8x6))

Nosing Trim

(1 1/2x6)

Fluted Trim

(2 1/4x7 7/8)

Beveled Base

(2 1/2x6)

Corduroy Trim

(1 1/4x6)
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